Stop saying “gay marriage”.

It has never been illegal for gay people to get married. Throughout human history, if a gay man wanted to marry a gay woman, society had no problem with that. I’m sure it’s happened thousands of times, if not millions, and it was perfectly legal. So “gay marriage” isn’t illegal. What’s sometimes illegal is same sex marriage. That’s what you should be saying when you talk about this issue.

IMHO, the government has no right to even ask what your gender is, let alone force you into making decisions based on your gender. I think it’s appalling that a driver’s license application has these check boxes: [ ] male [ ] female. If we’re going to have the question on there at all, there should be at least four boxes: [ ] male [ ] female [ ] other [ ] none of your business. The same goes for marriage licenses applications.



A couple named Pat and Chris were driving in a van and ran out of gas. They got out to look around and then leaned against the back of the van while they considered what to do next.
PAT: Hey, I think this van might be rolling.
CHRIS: No, it’s not moving.
PAT: But we’re leaning on it. I think it’s moving.
CHRIS: This van is way too heavy for us to be able to make it move. It’s not moving.
PAT: Look, there’s where I set down my water bottle five minutes ago and here’s where the van is now. It’s moved about 3 inches already! Maybe we should stop leaning against it.
CHRIS: 3 inches is nothing to be worried about. I want to keep leaning against the van.
PAT: Look, it’s definitely moving. Here, I’ll put down a ruler and show you how fast it’s moving. [30 seconds later] There. It’s moved 5 more inches in 30 seconds. Now do you believe me?
CHRIS: Yes, it has moved, but I think it will probably stop all by itself. Don’t worry about it.
PAT: Would you please stop leaning against the van?
CHRIS: Maybe it’s a good thing that the van is moving.
PAT: If it keeps rolling down hill, it’s gonna roll off the road and crash into that fence about 5 minutes from now. That’s not a good thing.
CHRIS: The fence will stop it. That’s what fences are for.
PAT: But if the fence doesn’t stop it, there are houses behind that. It might crash into one of those houses.
CHRIS: Which one?
PAT: What?
CHRIS: Tell me which house it will hit, and what time it will happen.
PAT: I don’t know. I guess it will probably hit the yellow house in about 3 minutes.
CHRIS: You “guess”? Why should I listen to you if all you’re going to do is “guess”?
PAT: Okay, give me a moment to do some more measuring.
[30 seconds later]
PAT: The van is rolling 3 inches per second. I’m 80% sure it’s going to crash through that fence in 4 minutes and then hit the yellow house.
CHRIS: Wow, you are such a liar. First you said 5 minutes, then you said 3, now you’re saying 4? Why should I listen to you at all when you admit you’re only 80% sure? I’m going to just keep on leaning against the van and hope that it stops rolling all by itself, or it will stop when it hits the fence.
PAT: Look, the more you lean against the van, the faster it rolls!
CHRIS: That’s ridiculous. We got here by riding in the van, not pushing it.
PAT: I didn’t say leaning is the only way to make the van move.
CHRIS: There’s no way that leaning against the van can exert even a fraction of the power that the engine did, so don’t blame me for the van moving.
PAT: Look, it’s rolling even faster now, about 6 inches per second. It’s definitely going to crash through that fence in about 2 minutes. And it looks like it’s going to hit the blue house, not the yellow one. We should go to the front of the van and try to push it back the other way.
CHRIS: I think you’re making all this up. You keep changing your mind about where it’s going to hit and how fast it’s moving. You blame me for leaning when it’s obvious that the motor is more powerful that I am. I think you’re just playing a trick on me because you like to order people around. Well, I’m not falling for it. You can push on the front bumper if you want, but I’m going to keep leaning against the back of the van just like I’ve been doing.
[2 minutes later]
PAT: Huh. Look at that. It crashed into the yellow house after all.
CHRIS: I knew you were wrong.